Juan Williams: ‘Trump Is A Racist, He Is Trying To Gain A Political Advantage With Assaulting…’

A board on Fox News’ “The Five” got irritable on Tuesday when Juan Williams guaranteed President Trump believes it’s “valuable politically to assault people of color.”

“Well, I’m about to tell you then. He finds it just very valuable politically to attack people of color in this country, and he does so and then says, ‘I’m not racist…’ “


Gutfeld reacted:

“Like Paul Ryan, what color is Paul Ryan? What color is Hillary Clinton? What color is Marco Rubio?”
“What I am saying is he finds political advantage and value in making whipping boys out of people of color, and in this case, I think he went after her in a way that even now Indians, Navajo Indians, said was insensitive and they considered it a slur,” Williams added.
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