BREAKING NEWS: Trump Just Knocked Out Every Muslim! Riots Coming !

It is no secret that the Obama administration and others before him used to spend American tax dollars like a shopaholic with a credit card with no limit.These politicians in office had no problem sending money overseas to countries that despise us despite the public outcry to cut them off.

Now, President Trump is in charge and after years of Americans pleading for the insanity to stop it appears that it might just happen.Over the last month, Trump has been making waves in the Middle Eastern part of the world that has liberals and Muslim leaders foaming at the mouth.

For instance, early in December, Trump announced that he would formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel which prompted promises from Palestine militants to protest the decision.

Then, just a few days before the new year started, Trump tweeted his support of the current Iranian protests which of course, angered Muslim leaders in the surrounding areas.Now, President Trump has stated that he is considering stopping millions of dollars in military aid in Pakistan, and it is about time.


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